Woodblock Workshop with Richard Tetrault…on Salt Spring

A vacation and a workshop in one.  Nine of us got down to some serious woodblock cutting with the fantastically talented Richard Tetrault.  We each completed a 4-colour reduction block and they all looked really great!  The workshop was held at Duthie Gallery on Salt Spring Island which has a lovely gallery and excellent sculpture garden (entrance by donation).  The current exhibition features work by: Arnold Shives, Jan Smith, Richard Tetrault and Richard York.

Everyone was great but I sat beside Sandra Charge and Frank Huether who’re great artists and classmates.  I thought the reduction woodcuts by Richard York which were also on display were terrific.  He took the workshop as well and also has a gallery on the island called Studio 2901 Gallery.

The Gallery also has a B&B which was where I stayed.  If you are going to Salt Spring that’s the place to stay – especially if you are an arty-farty.

IMG_1995 IMG_1996 IMG_1997 IMG_1998 IMG_2001IMG_2002 IMG_2003IMG_2004

Richard’s crow – my tiger!

Note the coffee cup – a full day of printing while being well fed & watered!