The Flowerdew Place


When the owner of this little rough house just up the street from us died, I think that the whole neighbourhood was sad.  Everyone knows the boxy grey house and the pretty piece of property that it sits on.  Many knew the owner Mr. Flowerdew as well.  Sometimes you’d see him pulling out of the driveway in his tired red station wagon heading south to the Co-op.  As a kid I always liked the Christmas lights that he strung (oddly and almost avant-garde like) on the wild trees around his house.

It seemed inevitable that the place would be bull-dozed and another house, or set of houses, would replace it and all the trees.  Turns out not so. The new owners quickly set to building a massive new house and barn – but they’ve left the Flowerdew house sitting there.  I popped in the other day and asked the new owner if I could take some pictures of the house and the gnarly trees out front that have been pruned to avoid the power lines for years.  The owner said I was more than welcome to and I also found out that the house will be staying!  They’re planning on turning it into a B&B and are waiting for the new foundation to be laid so that they can start to refinish it.

These tree pics will be turned into some kind of prints I think.  I started tracking down some copper plates – I’m thinking large, detailed drypoints might be the ticket.  The wacked-out pruning jobs that Hydro does around here really need to be documented.  They’re quite the sculptures.